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Céline WANG, Controverse autour d’un poème de Mao Zedong « Neige, sur l’air de “Printemps au jardin de Qin” » [PDF]

Christine VIDAL, D’un régime à l’autre : les intellectuels ralliés au pouvoir communiste, 1948-1952  [PDF]

Marie LAUREILLARD, Feng Zikai (1898-1975) : un caricaturiste lyrique [PDF]

Marie-Paule HILLE, Le Xidaotang : processus de légitimation d’un nouveau courant de l’islam chinois au début du XXe siècle dans le Sud du Gansu [PDF]

Françoise AUBIN, Sinologie et politique. Autour d’Étienne Balazs (1905-1963) [PDF]

Comptes rendus [PDF]

Anna M. Shields, Crafting a Collection: The cultural Contexts and Poetic Practice of the Huajian ji (Stéphane Feuillas)

Stuart H. Sargent, The Poetry of He Zhu (1052-1125): Genres, Contexts, and Creativity (Lap Lam)

Anne Gerritsen, Ji’an Literati and the Local in Song-Yuan-Ming China (John W. Dardess)

Li-Ling Hsiao, The Eternal Present of the Past. Illustration, Theater, and Reading in the Wanli Period, 1573-1619 (Roger Darrobers)

Fan Pen Li Chen, Chinese Shadow Theatre: History, Popular Religion, and Women Warriors (Roger Darrobers)

Alexandra B. Bonds, Beijing Opera Costumes. The Visual Communication of Character and Culture (Roger Darrobers)

Judith T. Zeitlin, The Phantom Heroine: Ghosts and Gender in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Literature (Vincent Durand-Dastès)

David Der-wei Wang and Wei Shang (ed.), Dynastic Crisis and Cultural Innovation. From the Late Ming to the Late Qing and Beyond (Vincent Durand-Dastès)

Chloë F. Starr, Red-light Novels of the late Qing (Isabelle Rabut)

Ellen Widmer, The Beauty and the Book: Women and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century China (Isabelle Rabut)

Cynthia Joanne Brokaw, Commerce in Culture. The Sibao Book Trade in the Qing and Republican Period (Michela Bussotti)

Rudolf Wagner (ed.), Joining the global public. Word, image and city in early Chinese newspaper (Xavier Paulès)

Eugene Chen Eoyang, Two-way Mirrors: Cross-Cultural Studies in Glocalization (Muriel Détrie)

Michèle Pirazzoli-t’Serstevens, Giuseppe Castiglione 1688–1766 : Peintre et architecte à la cour de Chine (John Finlay)

Craig Clunas, Empire of Great Brightness: Visual and Material Cultures of Ming China, 1368–1644 (John Finlay)

Joan Judge, The precious Raft of History. The Past, the West, and the Woman Question in China (Danielle Elisseeff)

Susan Mann, The Talented Women of the Zhang Family (Danielle Elisseeff)

Chang Chun-shu, The Rise of the Chinese Empire, Vol. 1, Nation, State, and Imperialism in Early China, ca. 1600 B.C.-A.D. 8; Vol. 2, Frontier, Immigration, and Empire in Han China, 130 B.C.-A.D. 157 (Damien Chaussende)

Lothar von Falkenhausen, Chinese Society in the Age of Confucius (1000-250 BC)–The Archaeological Evidence et Li Feng, Landscape and Power in Early China–The Crisis and the Fall of the Western Zhou 1045-771 BC (Olivier Venture)

Victoria Tin-bor Hui, War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe (Albert Galvany)

Ronald Egan, The problem of Beauty. Aesthetic Thought and Pursuits in Northern Song Dynasty China (Stéphane Feuillas)

Joanna Waley-Cohen, The Culture of War in China: Empire and Military under the Qing Dynasty (Peter C. Perdue)

Helen Dunstan, State or Merchant? Political Economy and Political Process in 1740s China (R. Bin Wong)

Linxia Liang, Delivering Justice in Qing China. Civil Trials in the Magistrate’s Court (Frédéric Constant)

Hok-lam Chan, Legends of the Building of Old Peking (Rui Magone)

Michael G. Chang, A Court on Horseback: Imperial Touring and the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680-1785 (Carl Déry)

Xiaoyuan Liu, Reins of Liberation. An Entangled History of Mongolian Independence, Chinese Territoriality, and Great Power Hegemony, 1911-1950 (Françoise Aubin)

Marcia R. Ristaino, The Jacquinot Safe Zone. Wartime Refugees in Shanghai (Françoise Kreissler)

Sylvia Li-chun Lin, Representing Atrocity in Taiwan the 2/28 Incident and White Terror in Fiction and Film (Sandrine Marchand)

Carsten Storm and Mark Harrison (ed.), The Margins of Becoming. Identity and Culture in Taiwan (Sandrine Marchand)

Paul J. Bailey, Gender and Education in China. Gender discourses and women’s schooling in the early twentieth century (Xiaohong Xiao-Planes)

Catherine Yeh, Shanghai Love. Courtesans, Intellectuals & Entertainment Culture, 1850-1910 (Christian Henriot)

Marie-Claire Bergère, Capitalismes et capitalistes en Chine. Des origines à nos jours (Christopher Howe)

Yeh Wen-hsin, Shanghai splendor. Economic sentiments and the making of Modern China 1843-1949 (Xavier Paulès)

Jing Wang, Brand New China. Advertising, Media and Commercial Culture (Mei Mercier)

Carolyn L. Hsu, Creating Market Socialism: How Ordinary People Are Shaping Class and Status in China (Eric Florence)

Randall Peerenboom, China Modernises. Threat to the West or model for the rest (Jean-Pierre Cabestan)

Jean-Louis Rocca (dir.), La société chinoise vue par ses sociologues et Laurence Roulleau-Berger, Guo Yuhua, Li Peilin et Liu Shiding (dir.), La nouvelle sociologie chinoise (Gilles Guiheux)

David Faure, Emperor and Ancestor: State and Lineage in South China (Carl Déry)

Isabelle Thireau et Hua Linshan (dir.), Études Rurales, 2007, 179 (Laure Courret)

Yoshio Abé, Le « décorticage » du riz. Typologie, répartition géographique et histoire des instruments à monder le riz (Michel Cartier)

Viviane Alleton, L’écriture chinoise : le défi de la modernité (Françoise Bottero)

Eric Marié, Précis de médecine chinoise – Histoire, théories fondamentales, diagnostic et principes thérapeutiques (Pierre-Henry de Bruyn)

Roman Malek (ed.), Jingjiao. The Church of the East in China and Central Asia (Pénélope Riboud)

James A. Benn, Burning for the Buddha. Self-Immolation in Chinese Buddhism (Françoise Wang-Toutain)

Vincent Goossaert, The Taoists of Peking, 1800-1949. A social History of Urban Clerics (Adeline Herrou)

Miller Tracy, The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci (Isabelle Charleux)

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