Books to Burn: Pornography and Censorship in Late Imperial China

par Giovanni Vitiello, Professeur de Langue et Littérature chinoises à l’Université de Naples “L’Orientale”

le 10 décembre 2021 à 18h00 à l’Université de Paris (Halle aux Farines, 2e étage, salle 265E) précédée de l’Assemblée générale.

Présentation en anglais :

The paper considers the production of pornographic fiction during the Ming and Qing periods in relation to the censorial discourse carried out by the imperial state, from the first edict of 1642 (two years before the end of the Ming)  banning the (non-erotic) novel Shuihu zhuan (Outlaws of the Marsh) to the subsequent edicts reapeatedly issued by the Qing state concerning the censorship of (especially erotic) fiction. In doing so, it hopes to cast a light on the political import of the fictional representation of sex from the perspective of the central government as well as of other social actors (such as the local bureaucracy and religious institutions), and its broader implications in terms of our understanding of late imperial (sexual and moral) culture.


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